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How to Make PS3 Commentaries

Print this articleTo make a PlayStation 3 game commentary there is only one device that you really need, and that is a game capture device. This type of device takes the video/audio feed from your PS3 game and saves it directly to your computer as a video file, and you can then record your commentary directly to the video with the included software. This is the ideal solution for showing off your skills or creating in-game tutorials.

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Connect your game capture device to your PS3 and computer and install the included software program. Depending on the brand of device you purchased the process will be a bit different, so consult the device documentation to learn the specifics.


Click the “Record” button in the program and begin playing the desired game on your PS3. As soon as the game is finished or you reach the spot where you want to stop, click the “Stop” button.


Connect a microphone to your computer and select the “Add voice,” or similarly named option in the program. Say what you want about your gameplay video and then click the “Stop recording” button to end your commentary.


Click the “Save” button in the software to save your PS3 commentary video to your computer. It is now ready for sharing on a social media website or uploading to a video sharing website.

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