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How to Make a Trace Base in DeviantART

Print this articleDeviantART is an online community where artists and writers can connect with other creators and post work in Internet galleries. Some artists create base art, which is a template that other artists can download and draw on. Similar to a digital coloring book or a dress-up doll, a base can be of people, animals or popular characters. While some bases are hand-drawn and original, a trace base is a type of base created by tracing over an existing piece of digital artwork.

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Open the picture you want to trace in a graphic design program, such as Photoshop, GIMP or Painter. The program you use must have the ability to make layers.


Create a new layer on top of the base image. Click the “Layer” menu and select “Add New” or “New Layer.” This layer allows you to draw over top of the image without changing the bottom picture.


Click the “Paint Brush” tool and select a small, hard brush for outlining your base image.


Click the color palette and select the outline color. This is usually black, but you can use any color you need.


Trace the outline of the base using the “Paint Brush” tool on the top layer. You will see the line appear over top of the original image as you draw. Draw the outline as smoothly as you can and ensure that all of the lines connect and are closed.


Draw any other details you need such facial features. Many bases do not include hair or clothing and provide only the basic body form that other artists can draw on.


Select an internal color from the palette. This can be white if you want to leave the base completely blank or a skintone color if you are drawing a person base.


Click the “Paint Bucket” or “Fill” tool, then click inside of your outline to fill your base with the color. Repeat this process for other features until you have colored your base.


Select the bottom image in the “Layers” window and create a second new layer. This will place a layer between your base and the original picture.


Use the “Paint Bucket” tool to fill this layer with a background color such as white. This will cover the rest of the bottom image and leave just your base.


Flatten the layers from the “Layer” menu and save the changes to your image.


Log in to your deviantART account and click “Submit” from the top toolbar.


Fill out the form to upload the new trace base to your deviantART gallery. Ensure that you upload the image to the “Trace Base” section under the “Pixel Art” category.

Tips & Warnings

You can add a layer of shading on top of your base if you like, but it is not required.

Ensure that you have permission to trace another creator's artwork before making a trace base.

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