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School Projects: How to Make a Town Diorama

Children must understand towns to create dioramas.

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Dioramas are models encased in glass, often found at museums. They give people a sense of how things works by providing a visual representation. The classroom might use dioramas to teach children about how towns are set up, helping children understand the logic of town development. Dioramas also give children an opportunity to express their creativity. They can incorporate man-made and natural objects to create a model that looks more realistic.

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Draw a picture of the diorama to get a sense of what you will do with it. By drawing with a pencil, create several plans and decide which plan matches what you want to eventually create.


Find several different-sized boxes, such as cereal boxes and other empty food containers. These boxes can serve as town buildings.


Paint over each building with a different color, using a paintbrush. Some buildings have bright colors, but most use muted colors. Choose one color per building to start with. Wait for the paint to dry.


Paint details on the buildings. Try to keep the buildings flat so that the paint doesn’t drip downward, staining the wrong areas. Don't paint doors or other details near the bottom of the buildings, since you will place modeling clay at the bottom, which cover part of the bottom of each building.


Apply glue to the bottom of each box and place each one in the proper location. Wait for the glue to dry.


Place lumps of clay on the base of the diorama. Vary the height of the clay at different points to give the ground an uneven surface that looks more natural.


Paint grassy areas green and paint the roads grayish-black. Use a ruler to keep the roads straight. For added realism, wait for the paint to dry and add faint white lines down the center.


Use toothpicks to create trees. Paint the toothpicks brown and wait for them to dry. Break some of them in half to use as branches. Glue the broken toothpick pieces to the intact pieces.


Purchase a bag of foliage or collect green moss outside. Apply adhesive to the toothpicks. Read the directions to find out how long the adhesive takes to become tacky. Stick the tree into the bag of foliage, or quickly put the green moss on the tree top. Wait for the glue to dry and stick the toothpicks into the clay. Alternatively, use real sticks to heighten realism.


Cut pieces of cardboard, with some pieces shaped like octagons and others shaped like squares. Paint the octagons red and let the paint dry while you paint toothpicks white or grey. Glue the octagons to the toothpicks to create stop signs. Do the same for the squares, but paint them white to serve as speed limit signs.

Tips & Warnings

Improve realism by taking grass, moss and twigs from outside and placing them on the ground, to give the diorama a rougher texture. Rocks placed in the diorama will look like boulders.

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